unlimited projects, one fixed monthly price

unlimited projects,
one fixed monthly price

these are all the services you get for a fraction of total cost


We will establish significant and consistent presence that affects how your business is perceived by customers.

Graphic Design

Whether for digital or print, let’s translate your ideas into constructive communication. It must be well understood and creatively presented. We will work on active projects based on your priorities.  This may include catalogs, posters, flyers and all things graphic-related.

A timeline notice will be communicated for bigger or more complicated active projects

Professional Website

Your website is the professional representation of the business instantly accessed anywhere. It has to be well-designed, maintained and optimized to keep your visitors and clients updated on how well you are doing. 

Separate billing arrangements for E-commerce sites.

OIDEM Studio Disegno Services - Social Media

Social Media Materials

Be it news, campaign or a mere visibility, you have to stay active and provide note-worthy content. Grab the attention where customers are.


No mysterious design costs. Just flat rate for all-in services.

$400 monthly

20% discount on first month


2 slots open as of July 16, 2021

In summary

value that speaks for itself

get more for a fraction of total cost

Peace of Mind

You have priority access to a partner you trust and don’t need to worry if they’re overbooked when you need them. Having a designer that cares about your brand as much as you do makes a good business sense. 


Have the confidence that your brand is staying true to its visions. Working with someone who already understands you and your brand saves time and leads to better content.


Employment Savings

No additional payroll means savings on mandated benefits (13th month, holiday, SLVL, bonuses, etc). You also save on workspace, special computer hardware, software and subscriptions in between.

Simplified Accounting

Lessen multiple invoices to track knowing a fixed amount is paid every first of each month. It’s more organized  and saves money compared to budgeting one project at a time.

Less Paperwork

You essentially get back time by not having to do continuous paperwork by reviewing and signing multiple contracts for each project scope.

Discounted Rates

You get a special flat rate compared to multiple freelance or premium agency fees. This saves you money and time, it is a win-win. 

getting started

here’s what happens next

Initial consultation

We’ll discuss so I can hear more about your business and get to know each other. We’ll talk about your business needs and projects.

Paperwork and payment

Once the paperwork (contract) is completed and the first retainer fee is paid, I will begin working on the projects.


Prior to upcoming  month, we’ll revisit our  pipeline and priorities. We will always repeat this process to keep coordinated.


We can discuss what we need more to focus on within the package. That way, we can tailor which best suit you and your budget.

Add-On Projects

We cannot limit what is required from situations. On top of the package, we can discuss any add-on project for an additional fee.


Services do not include other expenses such as stock photography purchases,  dedicated servers, printing and installation.