Designing solutions. Empowering online presence.

Get a dedicated creative for your marketing
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Graphic Design

Social Media

Web Design

Web Development

Dedicated support, fixed monthly fee

Have all services for a fraction of total cost


We will establish significant and consistent presence that affects how your business is perceived by customers.
• Logo
• Brand Manual
• Identities and more

Graphic Design

Let’s translate your ideas into attractive, understandable and consistent creative communications.
• 2 Active Projects per week
• 2 Days Turnover
• Unlimited Revisions

Professional Website

Level the playing field with a professional representation of your business instantly accessed anywhere.
• 100% Custom Design Wordpress
• Device Responsive
• Free in-house dedicated VPS

Social Media Creatives

Leverage the power of social media to connect with your audience by providing meaningful and note-worthy content.
• Campaign-based
• Twice a week posting material
• Page cover and photos


Let’s translate your ideas into clear, effective communications for marketing and advertising.
• Attractive headlines
• Relatable content
• Invoke action

Planning & Strategy

Let’s conceptualize together for your campaigns, research, strategies and executions.
• Weekly synergy meetings
• Campaign strategies
• Short & long term planning


Flat rate for all services
$500 monthly
20% Discount on first month
Sorry, all slots are taken
as of October 1, 2023
No lock-in contracts
A retainer subscription includes everything below


A strong branding approach provides consistency and recognizable company expressions- not only to products and services but a gives a core meaning and direction- a nucleus to company’s success. We begin by developing your marketing soul, your very own brand manual.

Graphic Design

We’ll have two active projects per week and we’ll deliver that pace through and through. Active projects are exclusive to your graphic design requirements and will not affect other deliverables for web development and social media.
A timeline will be advised for more active projects.

Social Media Creatives

Leverage the power of social media to connect with your audience by providing meaningful and note-worthy content.
Given the leading market share, Facebook will be our starting platform. We will adjust and correspond to other social media platforms thereon.

Professional Website

We will target to design and develop your website within the first two months; and leverage the deployment on our in-house virtual private server without extra cost.
*E-commerce sites shall have a separate quotation due to nature of it’s complexity and processes involved in the development.


Copywriting is more than simply writing words on an advertisement. Good ad copywriting is when you strategically create, optimize, and publish content that builds brand awareness and guides customers to convert and buy from you. Compelling ad copy communicates to the consumer how the company’s product or service can solve their problems.

Planning and Strategy

You don’t have to think alone. Let’s conceptualize together for your campaigns, research, strategies and executions.

More than having a dedicated creative who will take care of your design and website, I carry and adhere my full industry experience over the past years as marketing & business development manager, mall visual design retainer, creative director, business administrator and project manager.

Without paying for an extra consultant, an extra hand and mind is always welcome.

Values that speak for itself

Savings. Savings. Savings everywhere.
Skills & Experience
What is the industry’s monthly pay grade for a full-time graphic designer and/or web developer with 14+ years of experience?
Save from your share of mandated benefits: 13th month, legal holidays, paid leaves and bonuses
If it can be done on the computer, it can be outsourced. Unless you don’t pay rent, save part of your office space for better use.
Multimedia demand above-average computer specifications; and this is just the beginning. Maintaining and keeping up with developing technology is another thing.
Digital and Software Subscriptions
Digital media software doesn’t come cheap. Often times, one software is not enough. Reduce expenses from multiple licensing and/or subscriptions.
Website Development
A developer can charge you based on the number of features you need; And when they quote your dream goal, you feel like having to settle down with less.
Premium Web Hosting
Rather than subscribing to a separate web hosting, save more as retainer clients are hosted in-house, virtual private server.
Simplified Accounting
There’s only one invoice to track with a fixed amount to settle every first of each month. It’s more organized and saves money compared to budgeting one project at a time.
Planning & Strategy
Without paying for another consultant, an extra hand and mind is always welcome.
Consistency and Peace of Mind
Ensure that your brand stays true to its visions. Working with a partner who already understands you and your brand saves time and leads to better content.
Server & Website Security
A website is not once and done. It also has a life, a house to live in, maintenance and security with recurring fees. Reduce further expenses on website update and server maintenance and security.
Dedicated all the way
Since clients are limited and without the cost of a full-scale digital agency, we target everything to be as much simple as possible.
Domain Renewals
Annual domain fees are shouldered, in-house.
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Peek on Projects

I've worked with a lot of industries over the years. Browse through some works.

Partner Feedbacks

He knows what he's doing.
What we can say is that he's "super galing" [awesome]. He knows what he's doing, gives us helpful ideas and he is really the best at what he do. Our customers are even asking who our editor is because our marketing materials are really superb and attractive.
Ann Caniedo
Dream Cafe
Partner since 2019
Just give him details and you will be amazed with the result of his work.
We have been working with Japoy since we started our business. I can personally say that he is one of the best in this industry. He is knowledgeable and will definitely help you all through out without hesitations. He listens to his clients and creates promotional marketing strategies and many more. Just give him details and you will be amazed with the result of his work. More success Kuya Japs and I will be forever thankful.
Luisa Ely
Hai Cha
Partner since 2019
Ability to sense what the client needs even before the client knows it.
Japoy is ever reliable with excellent eye for details. He exceed expectations, pro-active and a great adviser. What separates him from the rest is his ability to sense what the client needs even before the client knows it. A support system like this is a GENUINE treasure for me.
Dr. Elizabeth Naui
International School for Applied Social Sciences
Partner since 2016
He will guide you through and through.
I have been working with Japoy since 2009. He provides impeccable creatives and professional service. He has an extremely good taste for design. He pays close attention to every detail. He will guide you through and through. He makes sure he keeps his knowledge abreast with the latest trend in web design and development. I am happy with the outcome of our projects. I highly recommend Japoy to those who are looking for a reliable customized website.
Martie Guazon
The Code Factory I.T. Solutions
Partner since 2009
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How it works

Discuss what you need

Make as many requests as you need. I’ll work through them and prioritize the pipeline with you.

Give feedback, get revisions

I’ll need clear feedback so we can promptly work on the revisions. The more I understand you and your business, we will be able to minimize future revisions.

Approve and download

Once you’re happy with the outcome, I’ll submit the downloadable file.

Definitely! Our retainership is not tied to a single business entity. We’ll focus on your pipeline and active projects. Further whenever available, grabbing more than one slot will mean an increase on our active projects and pipeline.

I do but on extremely rare cases for clients outside the retainer program. I prioritize and would like to maintain service exclusivity to subscribed clients and would not want to waste your time with back-and-forth negotiations.

We aim to keep things simple so there’s only one pricing model. You may only require a specific service or component for a time being but know that other services will always be available.

Five only. I don’t overbook on projects which usually cause delays and drop in quality. Once we start, my focus and care will be devoted to your company.

Night time, Philippine time zone (UTC +8). You may contact anytime and I will do my best to answer even outside working hours. I don’t work on weekends as I go out to see the world, attending seminars to learn new things, practicing new technologies, getting inspired or collecting fragments of creativity.
No. There’s so much services and value rendered to waste time measuring hours. We focus on deliverables.
Home FAQ

Let’s Begin!

I don’t charge on a per-project basis. We will focus on your major key visuals and business communication to establish a professional presence just as strong and credible as you are. We will work on what projects have to be done rather than how much each project is done.