What is an Active Project?

last updated on January 23, 2021

Simply put, it's the task in progress.

As stated on the retainer package, you have two active projects per week. Whenever an idea or requirement comes through, you can place or relay as many tasks in our pipeline and we’ll work through it. By default, the pipeline will be completed in the order it was submitted or discussed.  If you need to change the order or prioritize something else, just let me know.

Simple designs such as social media posts, web banners, single-sided print designs will take sooner to be accomplished. However, if you have more complex design request, it will usually takes beyond normal schedule. Either I’ll estimate how much longer it will take or submit continuous draft updates to let you know how far we have achieved.

Please keep in mind that as human, creativity is not generated within a mouse click. Ultimately, our goal is to focus and provide high quality output rather than pumping out pre-made low quality templates.

So much to work on, so little to worry about

So much to work on,
so little to worry about

here’s a list of what we can start with

Brand Identity

Standard Marketing Collaterals

Office Collaterals


Store Setup

Event Collaterals

Social Media


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