Common Questions

last updated on May 9, 2021

Here are frequently asked questions during initial consultation. Hope this helps clarify if you have the same.

Do you work on a per-project basis?

On extremely rare cases with a lead time frame. I prioritize and would like to maintain service exclusivity to retainer clients and would not want to waste your time with back and forth negotiations.

I have multiple businesses. Can you accommodate them all?

Definitely! Our retainership is not bound to a single business entity. We’ll focus on your pipeline and active projects.

Can we apply for more than one slot?

If there are available slots, then yes. Grabbing more than one slot will mean an increase on our active projects and pipeline.

What is your work schedule?

My actual work schedule is at night time, Philippine Timezone GMT+8. You can contact me anytime and I will do my best to answer even outside working hours.

I don’t work on weekends as I go out to see the world, attending seminars to learn new things, practicing new technologies, getting inspired or collecting fragments of creativity.

How many clients are your working with?

There are only ten total slots overall. I don’t overbook on projects which usually cause delays and drop in quality. Once we start, my focus and care will be devoted to your company.

Do you work on a rush?

Mostly not. The secret is time management, synergy, planning and discipline. On my past corporate experience, I lead my team ahead of time frame so rush projects are extremely minimized. I would love to spread this leverage to my clients.

Will I receive an accounting of my hours?

No. All-in service rendered is not measured by the hour but through deliverables. Each month, a summary of activities will be provided for records and synergy meetings.

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