Fifteen years of experience in the industry
I am a Philippine-based designer and developer serving an exclusive set of global clients who are in pursuit of competitive marketing support for their businesses. More than just creative support, I adhere and carry my full industry experience from dynamic corporate positions.
Your success is also my success. I go all out in providing service as much as I can.

Japoy R. Oidem
Creative Retainer

Creative Retainer
2020 – Present
Marketing and Business Development Manager
2013 – 2019
Creative Director
2009 – 2012
Business Administrator
Project Manager
2008 – 2009

purveyor of clean, precise and premium approach

Perception is a powerful thing. I have always believed that well-structured, professional design is the silent seller. Every design element must have a purpose; and the discipline of learning the power of these elements and formatting them within the principles of design is the responsibility of the designer.

building bridges and partners

I had recurring clients who needed everyday help but had a minimal budget. Back then, I didn’t know how much to charge whether by the project, hour or day; and my passion is to assist the best way I can without having my clients go over budget.

The idea of creating something so beneficial and cheap didn’t happen overnight and the more clients I’ve worked with over time, the more I learn to establish better arrangements. My clients around the globe are no longer just clients. They are my partners- for years.